Get work done while playing games

Handle your work in style, and fun

Get things done faster. Study Duel helps you combat procrastination and makes studying less exhausting and more enjoyable with built-in breaks during each game as well as a final battle against your opponent at the end.

Creativity is your greatest weapon

Turn the odds into your favor with fully customizable army. Create an army and adapt based on what your opponent is building. Style on your opponent with creative strategies, even when the tide is against you.

Prevent burnout from studying

Structured on the Pomodoro Technique with built-in breaks during each study session, you will have time to relax so you can keep studying with a clear mind. Have fun building your army and planning a strategy against your opponent during these short breaks.

Want to play?

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About the game

Defeat your opponent

To win, destroy your opponent's army in a duel.

Set your study goals

Before the session begins, set the goals you want to accomplish during the session. Additional coins will be rewarded for goal completion.

Stay focused

There will be two 20-minute study sessions. During these sessions, earn coins by staying on task.


A 5-minute break between the two study sessions. Relax and reward yourself for your hard work by planning and building an army with the coins earned.

Final showdown

Complete your army build and engage your opponent's army. Be sure to come up with creative army compositions to catch your opponent off guard.